The Ocean Processes Feeder Report

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The Ocean Processes Feeder Report provides evidence covering the state of the ocean processes through components such as circulation, weather and climate, waves, temperature, salinity, carbon (including acidification), sea level, turbidity and sedimentary processes.

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Preface and Summary
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Overall Assessment
Section 3.1: Weather and Climate
Section 3.2: Temperature and Salinity
Section 3.3: Carbon Dioxide and Acidification
Section 3.4: Circulation
Section 3.5: Sea Level
Section 3.6: Waves
Section 3.7: Suspended Particulate Matter and Turbidity
Section 3.8: Sedimentary Processes and Morphology
Abbreviations and Acknowledgements

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The recommended citation for this report is: United Kingdom Marine Monitoring and Assessment Strategy (UKMMAS) (2010). Charting Progress 2 Feeder Report: Ocean Processes (Ed. Huthnance, J). Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs on behalf of UKMMAS. 279pp.